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Longhorn Market - Family Farm & Ranch


We're starting a large plot community garden. Have you ever wanted to grow your own food or start your own farm or produce business, but did not have the space to do so? Well, now you do! 

We offer whopping quarter acre plots. 

Each plot 0.25 acres.

Sqft: 10,890 // 104 feet long & wide

Location: Cedar Creek / Bastrop


Annual fees:

1st year: $2,600 *paid in full*
2nd year renewal fee: $2,400
3rd year renewal fee: $2,200
4th year & beyond: $2,000

3 year paid-up-front contract discount: $6,000 

What else is included in a Longhorn Market Community Farm Membership? Glad you asked! 

  • Use of all tools (we have a lot of tools)
  • Tractor support if ya need it. *we will operate the tractor for you*
  • All the water ya need
  • Weekly produce monitoring by our farm manager. We walk through and check for disease, critters, etc, and let you know. 
  • Monthly meeting & walk through with our horticulture specialist.