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Buy a cow

$750 is the deposit for half a cow, $375 for a quarter cow,

*not the total cost for half or a quarter of a cow.

This is the most affordable way to purchase our premium pasture raised, grain finished beef.

With your live animal purchase, we arrange the slaughter of the animal from our own ranch in Bastrop, Texas. We then transport to our own processing center, Longhorn Meat Market. 

Your meat will be hung and dry-aged for 25-28 days to allow natural enzymes to tenderize and enhance the flavor. Our butchers will then call you and provide you with options for meat cuts (quantity of steaks, hamburger etc.). Your meat will then be custom cut and wrapped to your order.

Once your meat is chilled, it is ready for you to pick up in Austin, Texas at Longhorn Meat Market. We can't ship whole/half cow orders via UPS. Must be picked up.

We process our animals when they have gained adequate weight and are fat enough. Weight gain and fat gain can be affected by climate and the amount of green grass available. During longer hot seasons, the cattle do not eat as much and gain less. This can extend the amount of time to get your cow ready.


We harvest our animals at 16 to 20 months of age, when they weigh 1000-1100 pounds.

  • The live weight is obviously the weight of the live animal.
  • The hanging weight is the weight after the blood, hide and inedible parts are removed. The hanging weight is 59%-62% of the live weight.
  • The cut weight is the weight of the actual meat after it is dry aged for 28 days. The cut weight is 14% less than the hanging weight due to water evaporation during aging, saw cuts, and removal of ligaments, tendons and gristle.

What will it cost, and how much meat will I get?

The cost ends up being a little bit less than $7 per pound of finished beef, and each half yields approximately 300 pounds of finished beef. Every animal is different, so these prices will vary based on the weight.

There are three different costs to calculate:

  • The cost of the live half animal is $2.50 per pound live weight, payable to the rancher.
  • The cost to have the animal slaughtered is $90. Payable to our local kill facility. 
  • The cost to have the meat aged, cut, wrapped and frozen so it's ready to take home is $1.25 per pound hanging weight. Hanging weight is usually 59% to 62% of the live weight. 

As an example, buying half of a 1,200-pound cow would cost:

$1,500 to the rancher for the live animal

$90 for the slaughter fee

$450 to the butcher for the aging, cutting, wrapping and freezing

$2,040 total for approximately 300 pounds of finished beef, or $6.80 per pound

What exactly do I get from a half cow?

The breakdown is approximately:

  • 50% ground beef
  • 30% roasts
  • 20% steaks
  • as well as bones and fat if you want them

How much freezer space will I need?

The general rule is 28 pounds of meat per cubic foot of freezer space. We recommend you invest in a 14 cubic foot freezer for a half-cow purchase.Your meat will stay fresh for more than a year.

What's the next step?

A deposit of $750 for a half cow // $325 for quarter cow. The remaining balance of the live animal purchase, slaughter, aging, cutting, wrapping, and freezing is due when you pick up your meat.